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Starting to finish

Last year was ‘a bit of a year’ so I haven’t blogged for a long time. As well as moving house, there was a lot of good stuff and a pile of sad stuff. But I survived and although I didn’t make the writing progress that I had hoped for the stories didn’t leave. I went a bit quiet on social media as my family needed me. If anything I am now stronger. This year I have revised my plans and set to work. This is a year of finishing things, the project of the month (January) was Trick of The Light. I have gone through it again and filled in gaps in my notes (scrivener is brilliant for gathering then exporting the information into a spreadsheet). Piece by piece a word document has been nurtured into being. A couple of weeks ago I could have hit the target of publishing in January by releasing an ebook, but I like paperbacks too so I’m waiting until I am happy with both formats. At this moment in time I have the proof copy which I need to finish checking then it will be published. I have also been going through book two. I hadn’t looked at this for a long time and I’m pleasantly surprised with it, I can nearly feel the weight of a second proof copy in my hands.

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