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A summer of not much writing.

In July I signed up to Camp NaNoWriMo with a plan to write new words instead of editing. I knew it was a bad sign when I needed to reduce my target word count, then chaos took over. Days would rush by and rudely gesture at me just for good measure. Hours of typing happened but it was not time spent on my projects, July did not go to plan.

August - ha! The children on school holidays for six weeks. No chance. Nope. Don’t even bother! This is my usual way of thinking for August except this year I had the scrivener phone app and a portable keyboard. I love the scrivener app and I love my new keyboard. I didn’t do a lot of writing but I’m pretty sure it was more than any previous August, and some of the time I was sat next to the sea.

September was off to a roaring start, then I got ill. Plans to meet with friends had to be cancelled and most of the month was taken up with the thing that had previously taken up hours of typing. Good things were finally happening, not the things I had planned for but there was finally a hint of light at the end of the tunnel. I often read posts in the #10minutenovelists facebook group and finally had the time to enter a mini competition for the #365club.

I WON A BADGE!!!!!!!

Finally I won one…….

I often plan to enter these competitions but most of the time something else happens and I don’t achieve that goal. I am very very happy about this badge as it is the first one I’ve gained for a while. I surprised myself once more and gained another badge this time for editing. Finally I seem to be on the right path again and I am determined to hit the target that was set for this year.


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