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Camp NanoWriMo April 2016

I like a challenge so I signed up to Camp NaNoWriMo. As I didn't want to use the month to write more words, my existing monthly target is manageable and must not be messed with, I decided to use it for editing as 1 hour equals 1,000 words. To add to the fun I doubled my normal goal of 10 hours editing per month and to make it really interesting added a bit, I ended up with an editing goal of 25 hours (25,000 words).

This is the third time I have taken part in Camp NanoWriMo. The first time didn't go well as I was in a cabin where there was no conversation, I found it to be a lonely experience. Fortunately it is possible to switch cabins so I did, it became a little more social but the magic had been lost. The second time I signed up for the challenge I was invited into a cabin with a few people I already knew through twitter and a few I didn't, it was an amazing atmosphere. This April I met up with the group again and we have been having a lot of fun around the campfire.

I had days when editing didn't happen and other days that were very intense but on those days I was able to tick off several hours worth in one go. I am one of those lucky people who works part-time, my hours often increase but generally I take it day by day. I had to work hard not to be distracted on the days that were free for editing. It’s too easy to spend time on social media, clean the house, meet up with friends, re-paint a couple of walls, or pop to the local shop. I forced myself to concentrate on what needed to be done. It worked and I hit my target on the 22nd. That day was particularly intense but I knew I was close to hitting my target and reaching the end of the novel. It wasn’t even the project I had originally planned to edit but it needed to have that final run through of the final few chapters and it was bugging me so I switched projects - I always have a backup in-case Plan A doesn't want to happen.

April had one last surprise in store for me. For a long time this particular novel has had the same name, it has always been the same. Previous attempts to change the name failed yet I had successfully renamed a few of the characters. This month for some reason it took on a new name. This led to book two being given a name, I had been struggling as nothing seemed to fit. Book three which is in the planning stage now has a few strong possibilities. The trilogy has fallen into place, now all I need to do is pluck up the courage to publish Trick Of The Light, finish the last chapter of book two, write book three, and maybe catch up on some sleep.

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