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Back in the mists of time (last year) I was nominated to reveal 7 Facts About Me, I accepted the challenge with the words ‘I’ll do this by Christmas’, I just didn’t specify which Christmas. I’m going to break the rules as I won’t be nominating anyone but to make up for it I’m suggesting that after reading this you pop over Joanna Melfka Maciejewska‘s site where you can find lots to read, it’s worth the click so go for it. I must also say thank you to Joanna for the nomination and say sorry that it took me so long.

Fact 1 - I’m a tea drinker. Darjeeling, green/black mixture or green are the preferred options (I’ve never liked Earl Grey), no milk and not too much squeezing of the tea bag please otherwise it’ll be too strong. I will drink tea with milk if that’s how it’s been made but in that case it will need to be strong. I will happily have a pint of milk as a drink in it’s own right but that’s completely different to ruining a good cuppa. There is a very good reason as to why I don’t choose to add milk - milk that’s gone off tastes disgusting! I know this as a long time ago my nose wasn’t working properly because of illness. At that same moment there were no visible lumps in the milk, so I had a bit of a surprise. Need I say more!

Fact 2 - As many of you know I have an egg yolk allergy but…… I also have exactly the same allergic reaction to grass, yes that lovely green stuff that grows everywhere and many children spend their childhood jumping around on has cursed me since I was a child, the egg thing came later. Yes there has been a couple of ‘moments’ but I’m still here and I’m a pro at not touching the green stuff when it’s picnic time.

Fact 3 - I enjoy gardening and my garden has something flowering most months. I don’t like a garden that looks too perfect or is high maintenance, a tiny bit of planning with a lot of randomness and mixture of colours is my thing. Roses are my favourite and I have several that dominate the garden. Many people think I dislike gardening - see above fact and below equation.

summer = grass growing = people mowing lawns = Lucy rushing indoors and closing all doors and windows

Fact 4 - I really really really dislike baked beans, hmmm there’s a drabble in there somewhere ;)

Fact 5 - I have uncontrollable hair. Often the few paces from house to car result in the following question from either child, or Mr B “why is your hair so messy?” The cause is usually anything from a gentle breeze to average English weather. In the winter I wear a hat most of the time so that I can see where I’m going, in the summer my sunglasses often act as a hair band. Don’t even suggest hair products as I refuse to use them (apart from the usual shampoo and conditioner). The hairdryer only gets used if I’ve got wet hair, it’s below freezing outside and I need to go outside.

Fact 6 - This is my grater and before using it I check the inside of it. The reason I look inside it before proceeding to grate is because I’m making sure there isn’t a spider hiding in it, as I do not like the idea of spider seasoning. I also don’t like the idea of one jumping on my hand in order to escape a mountain of cheese.

Fact 7 - I’m a member of a wonderful writing group. Some members are established traditionally published authors, some write for fun and others are like me and are travelling along the self publishing route. We always have a laugh and they are a brilliant bunch of people.

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