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Merry Christmas and a little tease

2015 contained plenty of ups and several downs. I have fought many battles on behalf of my children, in particular for my daughter and some of these will continue into 2016. I met up with new friends and plans are in the pipeline to meet up with more, I still enjoy every moment of writing, I love my local writing group and we were fortunate enough to have an article about us in the Wiltshire Life magazine, I have got several projects nearing completion and plenty of new ideas. The list could go on as so much has happened during the year.

But where is the big project that was promised at the beginning of the year? Yes I heard the person at the back. It is very nearly ready. Family became my absolute top priority during the last few months. There has been a lot of issues, problems and fears that I have had to navigate through. For several weeks I was mentally exhausted, this is why I missed my own deadline of publishing a flash fiction collection back in October. It is finally publishable at this moment in time and although I may not achieve it before the end of December it will happen very very soon and in the meantime………..

.......but that's all you're seeing of the cover for now.

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