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Liebster Award Blog Hop

Ages ago, in fact so long that I can’t remember when, I was tagged in the Liebster Award Blog Hop. I have been soooooo busy I nearly forgot about it. I’m breaking the rules as I won’t be tagging anyone and asking questions due to a major lack of time and not being sure who to tag but I did agree to answer the questions so here we go. Before I forget it was the lovely Myk Pilgrim who tagged me, why don’t you pop over to his blog after reading this, you know you want to as there’s a lot of stuff to read over there as well as links to others who have been asked the same questions.

1. What book is on your night stand right now?

I have actually got 100+ books on my kindle and a pile of paperbacks waiting to be read, I will work my way through all of them and there is a couple that I’ve started and will finish. I have to confess that I haven’t read as much as I normally do lately but I have still been reading. In fact every night I read to my daughter (occasionally my son gives in and wants a story but not often now, he’d rather read on his own) and at the moment we are reading Winnie the Witch. On holiday I will take a lucky dip on the kindle as well as grabbing a random paperback and see where I end up, but I think Winnie will be coming with us too.

2. First thing you do when you sit down to write? No lying, I’ll know if you’re lying.

I sit at the kitchen table to write so in this order this is what happens. I often consider adding a desk into my life but it would quickly become covered in various lego creations, important items of post that are waiting to be dealt with and of course cuddly toys.

A - place laptop onto stand so that it’s at the perfect angle, I have never measured the angle but I will know if it’s wrong

B - put the gel filled wrist rest into place, decades (oh great I can legitimately apply that word) of various office jobs have taught me to use one

C - open iTunes (other software is available ;-) ) and plug in earphones, and yes it has to be earphones as no external noise is permitted

D - place land-line and mobile within peripheral vision in readiness for the notifying flashy lights

E - open scrivener

F - realise I need a cuppa

(Small print - in the event of sitting in the armchair exclude items B and D)

3. The first fictional character you fell in love with?

I’ve never really fallen in love with a character instead it’s the world created by the author that has caught my imagination and stayed with me, especially Narnia.

4. When and where do you do most of your reading?

When reading for myself my reading is mobile - which means book in either hand while I walk around the house doing that pesky housework that is never ending. When this happens I blame the author as it is their fault that I can’t tear myself away from the story and yes I do walk into door frames or nearly fall down the stairs, occasionally I’ll sit on the sofa to read as it’s safer. But don’t forget that I read to my daughter at night (she’s going through a stage of wanting me, at some point she’ll change to wanting daddy) so I am often cuddled up upstairs trying desperately not to fall asleep as I want to go downstairs and write.

5. Is there a book that you absolutely hated?

Yes there has been a couple but I will never name the books or the authors. Just because I didn’t make it through the first chapter and made no plans to return to it doesn’t make it a terrible book, different people have different tastes and I think that’s a good thing.

6. Favourite thing on your writing desk/space?

This little chap :) though he lives on the dresser which is next to the kitchen table.

7. Last book I read?

The Revenge of Seven by Pittacus Lore. I love the entire series and I’m always waiting for the next instalment. I also have various books about scrivener and writing that I dip into often.

8. Do you have a default read? Something you keep going back to?

Twitter :p

9. Best time of day to write and preferred beverage to fuel said session?

The best time for me to write is any time that I am alone in the house. However most of my writing takes place from 9pm onwards.

Tea is the drink, unless it’s really sunny weather in which case water. I did try Archers and Lemonade when writing once but it didn’t go too well……

10. Blue, black or red pen? Please substantiate.

PENCIL!!!!!!!!!! it never leaks and I can see how much longer it will last.

(see above photo)

11. What are the three tracks you have on repeat right now?

I can’t possibly narrow it down to three, it’ll upset the other ones.

Non writing listening - Elastic Heart by Sia, Make Believe by The Burned, One Day Like This by Elbow, Hall of Fame by The Script ft (I play this one at my children)

Writing listening - Creation of Earth by Thomas Bergersen, Empire of Angels by Thomas Bergersen, Dragonland by (yes you’ve guessed) Thomas Bergersen

I also love Of Monsters and Men, Imagine Dragons, Andy Burrows and many more.

So there you have it, finally the answers to the questions that were asked a long time ago, and in case you were wondering at this exact moment of typing I’m listening to Creation of Earth - again :)

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