CampNaNoWriMo 2015

So here we are within touching distance of the end of April 2015. I will be sad to say goodbye to April; it has been a month of personal achievement as I have completed the skeleton of a new novel. Later this year I will add the flesh and hopefully fill in any major plot holes. I will also draw a proper version of the map that currently exists on two sheets of A4 paper that are held together with sticky tape. Maybe add some proper features onto it instead of the random notes and scribbles that are difficult to make any sense of. Last year I entered a short story competition and did rather well, even though I can see errors in the original short story. I took that story and attempted to


I thought I would post this #DursdayDrabble as it made a friend chuckle when we were eating pizza the other day. Bees float between abundant flowers while Lily stands in the middle of the courtyard garden examining every last detail. She cannot leave until everything is in the correct position. The only adjustment that is necessary is the location of the table. Finally she has her way; it hides that ghastly drain. The last few hours were fraught, his precious plants overturned and compost scattered. Lily replanted each pot then scrubbed the concrete slabs, even the saw is the cleanest it’s been for years. With his body hidden in the drain he will never sarcastically call her his preci

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