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I have been challenged over on this wonderful blog to reveal ten formative books. First reaction uh oh, a blog I'm going to have to work out how to write a proper blog. My second reaction, challenge accepted. I wrote some book titles down then got thinking and walked around the house in a quandary - Can I count a trilogy as one? Don’t answer that! My husband gave me a quizzical look, before giving in and asking what I was doing. Finding books was the answer, not sure that it was the answer he expected but it allowed me to move onto the next bookcase quickly. Sure enough all of these books were exactly where I thought

I see you - flash fiction

Published on paragraph planet 02 Nov 2014 I see you through the open window created by social media. A snapshot that cruelly reminds of what is lost, the love once felt never truly extinguished. I see you as your heart mimics mine. Shattering into infinite shards; each cuts deeply into your soul. I see you as the world you carry slowly slips through your fingers; the mask of happiness heavy to wear. When I see you I know you cannot be mine. #flashfiction

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