Flash Fiction as published on Paragraph Planet 4th June 2014 - Encounter

Encounter. Unknowingly they had passed each other before. They had been close enough to brush fingertips gently on the others cheek. Close enough to softly whisper in the others ear. Each had the company of a child, perhaps they innocently smiled at each other. Her heart still fractured, it was fortunate that she hadn’t noticed him. This time she watched as he crossed the road. Her heart remained silent as she went the other way. A brilliant website that publishes a different piece of flash fiction everyday #flashfiction


Silence. She cannot hear my whispers, instead she reads my hands. She cannot hear my sighs, instead she reads my face. She cannot hear my tears, instead she reads my eyes. She cannot hear the sea..... As she runs and smiles her laughter fills the air. She is perfect in every way. I hear her voice as she fills her life with dreams of what will be. In a world that to her is silent. #flashfiction

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