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Young Adult Urban Fantasy

Trick of The Light by Lucy Jayne

Trick of The Light

The first book in a Trilogy


The world is larger than many believe.


While learning her real father is not a normal human, Alina meets James. Alina quickly finds that her presence in the hidden lands causes a problem.

Who should she trust?

2nd Edition will be available soon.

Flash Fiction Collections

Shadows in Time by Lucy Jayne

Shadows in Time is a new pocket size collection of flash fiction and short stories.

It is available as a paperback through Amazon or signed copies can be purchased though Devizes Books (an independent bookshop).

Ghoulish Delights - flash fiction book

Lucy's flash fiction The Shortcut is included in this Halloween 2017 collection of drabbles created through the Fiction Writers Global Facebook group.

Christmas Flash Fiction

Lucy's flash fiction Christmas Morning is included in this Christmas 2016 collection of drabbles by the FWG Facebook group. It is available as an ebook through Amazon.

flash fiction by Lucy Jayne

In this short collection of flash fiction Lucy has brought together her favourite pieces involving death. Is the death deliberate or accidental? Or could it be that the soul in question isn't in the right queue?

It is available as an ebook through Amazon.


Devizes Writers' Group - Anthology

A new anthology by Devizes Writers' Group.

Available as a paperback through Amazon, and Devizes Books.

Campfire Anthology including Lucy Jayne

When five writers get together Anthologies happen.


     Ansley Ashe

     Jill Marcotte

     Lucy Jayne

     Allison Gammons

     Kalen Williamson

It is available as an ebook through Amazon.

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